"The course put it all together for me and boosted
my confidence. I passed my certification exam
on my first try! Thanks Maria - you are a great instructor!"
Bobbie Smith, MSN, RNC, CFNP
Zanesville, Ohio 

I took the AANP yesterday.There were 2-3 questions we did not discuss directly. Almost all the questions were included in your review. I believe that whoever wants to pass the exam just needs to listen to your review and study your book. I did not take any time off to prepare for the exam since I passed ANCC in June.
Therefore, the AANP did not matter to me.I simply went and took the test. That is all I did. I really appreciate you guys effort in helping all future NPs pass the test.
Best regards.- Jenny L., Boca Raton, FL

Passed AANP FNP Exam
Hi Maria,
I am a Port St. Lucie FAU student and took your review class this past weekend in Jupiter. Just wanted to let you know that I just took the AANP and PASSED!
Your course was most helpful out of everything that I had studied. I reviewed the book from the review class on Monday and Tuesday and just took the test today! Yay!!! Thanks for everything,
Karen Mercer, MSN, FNP-BC

I passed my ANCC boards and wanted to express my gratitude for the FNP intensive review book and app. I read this book from front to back, did all the questions (twice) and used the app (FNP Q & A) on my iphone. Your book clarifies and delivers information in a comprehensive style and covers EVERYTHING. I felt prepared and confident after I read/studied your book... 

Thank you for taking the time to deliver information in a straightforward style !!!!!!  It works not only for the test but for the foundation/building blocks of a novice NP. I am grateful for your commitment to helping NP's not only pass the test but to truly gain a clear understanding and comprehension of important concepts. 
Pamela R – Maine

I have struggled for four and half years to get the exam behind and now thanks to your excellent course, it is a thing of the past. I have taken the liberty to share my experience with your course with some of my former instructors". 
Randy York, FNP"C", Texas

While I am not the person who usually takes time to write companies (I am very thoughtful with personal thank you notes) I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your Adult/Gero prep course. 

Before taking your course, I had taken a competitors and, I did not pass...I took the exam yesterday - and passed. After the two our mark, I had completed the questions and had two hours to review. I finished in a total of three hours. 
 Sheri H


I attended your review course at Otterbein in June.
I took the ANCC FNP exam on Tuesday and got
my results that I PASSED...I can't thank you 
enough for a great course! 
Many things we covered were on the test, several
questions nearly word for word. Being familiar with so much with so much of the wording and content was very comforting! 
Overall, I got 133/150 questions right, the form said the required passing score was 100. My strongest areas
were assessment & diagnosis (92% and 95.5%, respectively). Thanks so much for a great class that was also enjoyable. I will recommend your course to all my
friends at OSU".
Erin A. Yontz,MSN, FNP,BC, Ohio

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