*Review Course Guarantee Terms
Cancellation Policy
*Cancellation Policy

To withdraw from a review course, you must give at least 21 days notice. Send an email to npreviews@gmail.com and call (954) 336-7639.

If you give less than 21 days of notice, you will be charged $ 50.00. This amount is subtracted from your fee.

If you withdraw  (and give at least 21 day notice), a fee of $30.00 dollars is charged to process your paperwork. 

If you enrolled in a webinar review course and you have already received the course materials, you will be charged $70.00 for them (plus processing fee). 

Please send an email (npreviews@gmail.com) AND call us (954-336-7639) if you want to withdraw from a review course.

The refund will be the same method as the payment.The refund amount is subject to the above conditions. 

Paid using Paypal - refund by Paypal (if > 30 days, refund issued by check since Paypal does not allow  refunds using  Paypal if > 30 days after transaction).

Paid by credit card - refund to credit card

Paid by check - refund with check.

*Returned Checks ("bounced checks")
An administrative fee of $30.00 is charged if your check is returned by the bank for insufficient funds.

*Terms and Conditions are Subject to Change without Notice

What if I postpone taking my exam for several months (or years!) and I want to re-take your review course again? 
Or what if I want to take the review course again for the CEUs?

Unlike other courses who will charge you the full fee again, We will gladly give you a 50% DISCOUNT off the current price of the  review course.


1) You must have completed and graduated from an accredited family nurse practitioner (FNP) or adult gerontology primary care NP (AGNP or AGPCNP) program.

2) You must attend the entire review course for your specialty. For live courses, it includes both the live lectures plus the one webinar (Non-Clinical Session). For webinar courses, you must attend and complete the entire course which takes 4 days (FNPs) and 3 1/2 days (AGNP).

3) If you fail the ANCC or AANP certification exam, send proof by taking a picture of your score report and send it by email to npreviews@gmail.com. 

After we receive proof, we will give you an additional 4 months (after the initial review course) when you can attend another review course (webinar) for FREE. You can attend a maximum of two FREE webinars