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Hi everyone,

It has come to my attention that some of you did not know about the new question formats in the current ANCC exam for FNPs and AGPCNPs (or A-GNP). 
I spoke to someone this morning and she feels like she failed because of her lack of knowledge. What surprised me was that she had taken a major review course and was not told of this. 
So, here are some updates for you all.

ANCC New Format Questions
Please don't panic! Most questions are still multiple choice with 4 answer options. 

The new ANCC formats are:
1) Photographs (skin conditions, eye conditions, etc.)
2) EKG strip (sometimes)
3) Drag and Drop (you have 3 types of studies that you rate from 1-3 or from best to worse).
4) Multiple choice with five answer options (you are instructed to choose two or three answers out of the total five options). 
5) Chest radiograph/x-ray (sometimes)

Remember, about 3/4 of the questions are still the "old-fashioned" multiple-choice question with 4 options (one correct answer).
I discuss (and give examples) the new ANCC question formats in all my review courses.

JNC 7 or JNC 8?
Another issue that comes up is whether the exam is using JNC 7 or JNC 8. Let me clear this up...
FNP & AGPCNP (or A-GNP) exams are still using the JNC 7 Hypertension Tx Guidelines until their new versions are released on mid-2016 (FNP). 
Their FNP and A-GNP exam uses the JNC 8 Hypertension Tx Guidelines. 

If you are not a member of ANA or AANPCP, your test fee will be higher. Sign up for membership and it will save you money.
Membership Organizations
American Nurses Association 

American Association of Nurse Practitioners

​After completing my exam, will Prometric inform me whether I passed (or failed)?
Yes, they will After you complete the exam and the test shuts down, it will show on the screen whether you "pass" or "fail". When you exit the testing room, ask the proctor for a printout of your test results (no number scores).

If you failed, you will receive your score within 2 weeks which will show how you did under each domain.

Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
ANCC designation: AGPCNP-BC
Release date: January 2013
Total # questions: 200 (only 175 are graded)
Time alloted: 4 hours
​Score: 350 is passing score (100 - 500)

Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner
AANPCP designation: A-GNP-C 
Release date: January 2013
Total # questions: 150 (only 135 are graded)
Time alloted: 3.5
Score: 500 is passing score (100 - 800)

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The ANCC ANP exam application deadline has been extended until December 2015. 

Are You Already Certifed as an ANP or GNP?

If you allow your ANP or GNP certification to expire (and do not recertify), then you may be in "trouble" of getting the original certification back.

Unfortunately, if your specialty exam has been retired, you no longer have the "taking the exam again" option.

For example, if you are an ANP (or GNP) and you forget to renew your certification, you will not be allowed to take the Adult Gerontology exam (AGPCNP or A-GNP) unless you had gone back to school/program to become an Adult-Gero NP. 

​For GNPs, both ANCC and AANP have already retired your exam. 

*Please check the ANCC and AANP Certification Program websites for the most current and correct advise regarding this matter. Above is for FYI.

United States Department of Labor
Bureau of Labor Statistics

Occupational Employment Statistics 
for Nurse Practitioners

National Estimates
Mean Annual Wage $92,670.00

​By State
Alaska: $111,800
California: 110,590
More states listed, visit link below.

Top Paying States
Columbus, IN: $146,920
Texarkana, TX: $137,880
San Jose/Sunnyvale/Santa Clara, CA: $133,930
More info at below link.

More fantastic stats on their website at

Existing ANP & GNPCredentials
Don't panic, they are NOT retiring the designation if you are already certified. They are only retiring the exam. ​You can continue using your credentials if you recertify every 5 years by using clinical hours (1000 hours/5 years) and CE credits. 
The ANCC has additional methods that you can recertify such as being a preceptor, graduate NP education credits, writing an article in a peer-review journal, etc.

But if your ANP or GNP certifications expire (and you missed the grace period), you will not be eligible to take the new Adult-Gero NP exam (unless you go back to school and get educated to become an Adult-Gero NP).